Hi! I'm Angelina, nice to meet you

I was a social media manager, personal assistant, and marketing assistant to the chairman of a famous London market-based in Covent Garden for the past five years.  

While I truly loved it there, the time came for me to go solo on my new adventure as a virtual assistant and social media manager. 

It proved the right move as my passion for marketing and social media has grown even further, which included taking in a digital marketing strategy course at the London College of Communications, and also completing my Executive Masters in Digital Marketing & Social Media Communication with the Ninja Academy School (Italy).

Anything connected to social media, be it marketing and content creation to the scheduling of new posts, I simply love being involved in. 

Allied to my natural interest in customer service, problem-solving and online communities management, it is clear that I have found my path in life.

 If you feel I will be a good fit, then I’d be delighted to hear from you.


What my customers say

"​ Angela has worked with Jubilee Market for over 5 years as social media manager and marketing assistant and we have always been very pleased with her excellent  levels of service and dedication.” "

Stewart Carroll
Jubilee Market - London

"​ I have recently instructed Angelina to design and build the e-commerce website for my business. I would definitely recommend her to any business who want to have a service delivered efficiently and well priced for the work too !"

Georgia Fuller
The Duchess of Candles 

"​ I’ve found Angelina to be a hugely useful help over the last few years. I find it easy to delegate tasks and a very trustworthy person that have been a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend "

Vincenzo Croce
Restaurant Owner

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